Mist-X Indoor misting system in Buffalo New York

Mist-X is an adaptive mosquito indoor misting system that transforms an existing electric backpack sprayer and an existing electric leaf blower into a powerful, light-weight, and easy-to-use indoor misting system. It can be used to control mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and disinfecting in Buffalo New York.

Made in the USAMade in The USA

We’re proud to say that Mist-X Indoor misting system is designed and manufactured in the United States. Our goal is to maintain full control of the manufacturing process, providing the highest level of quality possible.

Designed by Pest ProsDesigned by Pest Pros

With over 20 years of experience in the pest industry, we created Mist-X indoor misting system to provide a solution to a very real issue with conventional indoor misting systems in Buffalo New York.

Space SavingSpace Saving

One of the most frustrating aspects of popular indoor misting systems is the size. Their big and bulky design makes treatments tedious. Mist-X is small and lightweight and easily fits in virtually any vehicle.

Indoor and Outdoor UseIndoor and Outdoor Use

Unlike conventional gas-powered indoor misting systems, Mist-X operators can provide both indoor and outdoor treatments. Great for wide-area disinfectants, theatres, casinos, stadiums, and malls in Buffalo New York.

MIST-X Mosquito indoor misting Information

Mist-X is an adaptive system that transforms an existing electric backpack sprayer and existing electric leaf blower into a powerful, light-weight, quiet, and easy-to-use indoor misting system capable of indoor misting over 35ft!

Mist-X features two methods of adjusting Mist output; A precise lever at the tip and a larger flow control lever to adjust on the fly.

Mist-x works with a variety of battery-powered leaf blowers, so there's no gas or maintenance to worry about. Mist-X is the quietest high-power indoor misting option available in Buffalo New York. Perfect for mosquito indoor misting, inside disinfecting, and attic treatments (with option extended hose).

No more bulky gas backpack or going back to the office to pick up equipment. Mist-X's unique design allows users to operate with either left or right hand.

Below is a list of compatible blowers and backpack sprayers available in Buffalo New York for the Mist-X indoor misting system.

What blowers will work with the Mist-X?

We designed Mist-X with flexibility in mind. here's our ever-growing list of compatible leaf blowers:

MakeModel Number

More to come

What backpack sprayers will work with Mist-X indoor misting system?

Virtually any backpack sprayer will work with Mist-X. however, we recommend the following

  • FlowZone
  • B&G
  • Birchmeier
  • Ryobi
  • Solo
  • Chapin

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