What's in the box?

The Mist-X system includes the following items:

  • Mist-X Adapter (blower not included)
  • 2 Feet of black tubing
  • On/Off Quick Connect Assembly
  • Velcro Straps
  • 4 Hose Barb Fittings
  • 2 Hose Clamps
  • Quick Connect Harness Assembly (optional)

Full Mist-X Kit

Full Mist-X Kit

2 feet of tubing

2 feet of tubing

On/Off Assembly

Mist-X On/Off Assembly

Hose clamps, barb fittings & Quick Connect

Quick Connect Harness Assembly

Quick connect Harness Assembly

Setup Instructions

The Mist-X allows users to combine your high power battery operated leaf blower and electric backpack sprayer into a mister multi-tool, switching from a sprayer to a mister in seconds.

Hose Preparation

In order to complete the conversion, you will need to add a quick connect to your spray wand hose.

  1. Cut the backpack hose at the end, closest to the spray wand. Make sure to leave enough room for the clamp. Also, do not cut the tube too close to the end. This may cause premature wear. We recommend cutting 3 inches from the spray wand.
  2. Connect the male quick connect fitting to the remaining short hose on the end with the spray wand. Be sure not to overtighten the hose clamps.
  3. Connect the female quick connect to the backpack side of the hose end. Be sure not to overtighten the hose clamp. If preferred, two hose clamps can be used.

Note: The assembly kit comes with two different hose barb sizes. Be sure to choose the correct size for your specific backpack.

Attaching the MIST-X to your compatible blower

  1. The Mist-X Adaptive system fastens directly onto the leaf blower. It can be adjusted by tightening the three set screws with the included Allen key. Bue sure to tighten these screws equally in order to ensure that the adapter is centered onto your blower.
  2. With some blowers, the MIST-X will attach exclusively to the electric blower tube. However, some models will allow for the MIST-X to be attached directly onto the blower body, offering a more compact misting system. With that in mind, this is not a requirement. Both options work equally well and are simply a matter of preference.

Attaching the On/Off Quick Connect Assembly

  1. Each On/Off Quick Connect Assembly comes with two velcro straps and two feet of tubing. Be sure to position the assembly where the tubing / push connect is facing the MIST-X adapter.
  2. Once the assembly has been conveniently positioned, tighten each velcro strap to hold it in place. Be sure to place the On/Off valve in a position that can be easily reached while using your blower. The assembly is designed for both left and right-handed operation.
  3. Once the assembly has been tightened in place, cut the tubing to the appropriate length. If cut too short, the On/Off valve will be too far to reach. If left too long, the tubing may cause the on/off assembly to shift..
  4. Once the tubing has been cut to the desired length, insert the tubing in both the on/off push connect and the MIST-X Adapter push connect. Be sure to push the tubing in all the way. The tube will “bottom out” once inserted completely.
  5. Please Note: You’ll notice a small indention on the left side of the MIST-X diffuser tip. This has been added for the use of a manual backpack (to be released in the future). If using an electric backpack, do not remove this plug.

Quick Connect Harness

  1. The harness is used to attach the MIST-X and your blower to your backpack strap. This reduces weight and provides support for the system when needed, i.e.; When the operator needs the use of both hands.
  2. The harness comes with a velcro strap and a jaw clamp.
  3. Velcro the harness to the handle of your electric blower.
  4. While holding the blower in position, tighten the jaw clamp to your backpack strap where most convenient.
  5. When not in use, the jaw clamp can be disconnected.


Best Practices:

  • Turn the electric backpack off and press the spray wand to release any existing pressure.
  • Disconnect the spray wand from the backpack.
  • Connect the female end of the backpack to the MIST-X On/Off Quick Connect Assembly.
  • Ensure the On/Off valve is set to the Off setting before turning on the backpack.

In order to limit the adapter from dripping, be sure to:

  • Turn the blower on before turning the MIST-X On/Off valve to the On setting.
  • Turn the On/Off valve to the Off setting before turning the blower off.
  • The On/Off valve can be used to moderate the level of mist. Open slightly for lower misting and increase for higher misting

The flow control valve has 6 settings

  • Setting 1 is the minimum flow rate
  • Setting 6 is the maximum flow rate
  • To enable each setting, rotate the knob to where the desired setting is facing the attached hose.

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